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Efrat Bar-Sella

Do you need help elevating your global marketing presence professionally?

In today's competitive landscape, marketing is the key to creating visibility, establishing brand awareness, attracting customers and investors, and differentiating yourself in the market. It's the driving force behind growth and the pathway to achieving business success. 

Welcome! My name is Efrat Bar-Sella, and I help B2B companies market themselves in a focused and professional manner in the international market, according to their needs and budget, and based on 25 years of experience in leading global hi-tech brands.

My Specializations:

Benefit from my extensive experience across high-tech, electronics, software, SaaS, defense, and various B2B sectors. A rich portfolio underscores my proven track record of delivering impactful results.


Why Work with Me?


With over two decades in senior global managerial marketing for leading B2B brands and providing marketing services for global brands today, I bring extensive experience in high-tech, electronics, software, SaaS, defense, and various B2B fields. From executing successful global marketing strategies and leading product launches to orchestrating digital campaigns and compelling marketing content that resonates with your audience, I will help you articulate your unique and accurate message in a way that resonates immediately. Let's collaborate to make you and your brand stand out in the crowded market! Let's connect!

Efrat Bar-Sella

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Phone: 972-54-4678710

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