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My Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio! Explore successful projects where I've partnered with industry leaders, delivering impactful and accurate marketing content. From steering product launches to executing rebranding initiatives, and from crafting compelling marketing materials to refining unique value propositions on social media. Join me for a short introductory meeting, where I'll showcase a comprehensive portfolio of various successful marketing samples.

Revolutionary Global Software Launch in a Conservative Market

Objective: Launched a groundbreaking software product globally, replacing a legacy system in a traditionally conservative market.


  • Conducted thorough market and needs analysis, defining a competitive value proposition for the new software.

  • Created engaging marketing materials that contributed to a remarkable 90% adoption rate within the market.

  • Successfully managed the transition from a legacy product, demonstrating adaptability and innovation in a traditional industry.


Global Branding and Marketing Transformation 

Objective: Led a comprehensive rebranding initiative in a conservative market, revitalizing brand's image for the new era.


  • Successfully revamped the brand, including logo, website, social media, and marketing collateral.

  • Developed a compelling narrative based on SWOT analysis, achieving 100% market acceptance across various regions.

  • Established a strong market presence without hesitation, showcasing adaptability and creativity in a conservative industry.

Wix Brand

Online Global Launch Webinar for Client Engagement

Objective: Successfully organized and executed an online launch webinar for a client during challenging times.


  • Coordinated all aspects of the webinar, including client testimonials, supplier endorsements, and strategic marketing material creation.

  • Resulted in a significant increase in client engagement, with a 20% uptick in audit requests immediately following the event.

  • Overcame pandemic-related challenges to deliver a seamless and impactful online experience.


Annual Global Business Manager Meeting 

Objective: Orchestrated and led the annual business manager meeting attended by worldwide management, aligning business strategies across all departments.



  • Coordinated a comprehensive event encompassing presentations from key business areas, including business operations, research and development, finance, sales, and marketing.

  • Crafted compelling and informative presentations, ensuring 100% interest and engagement among participants.

  • Facilitated strategic discussions leading to the alignment of key performance indicators (KPIs) and business strategies across the organization.

  • Successfully achieved synergy among diverse teams, fostering collaboration and ensuring a unified approach to the company's goals.


Comprehensive Marketing Strategy for Increased Brand Awareness

Objective: Developed and executed a holistic marketing strategy to enhance brand awareness in a competitive global market.



  •  Conducted in-depth market research and analysis to identify target demographics, market trends, and potential competitors.

  • Crafted a compelling brand story and positioning, emphasizing unique selling propositions.

  • Created a multi-channel marketing campaign, incorporating digital marketing, social media, content creation, and traditional advertising.

  • Implemented effective pre-launch teasers and engagement tactics to build anticipation in the target audience.

  • Conducted a post-launch survey, resulting in a significant 30% increase in brand awareness.

  • Monitored and analyzed campaign performance, optimizing strategies for maximum impact.

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