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Presentation Skills

Have you ever been asked to create a presentation and didn't know where to start? 🤔

Did you already have a skeleton for a presentation, but it looks technical and boring? 💻😴

The presentation was all done & ready, but your stomach was turning inside out, and you were so excited, you couldn't fall asleep? 💤 🫣🙈

I have been building, designing, and coaching performance in front of audiences throughout my career. Even if you don't attend a full one-hour workshop on all the right techniques for building and delivering a presentation, I wanted to share with you a few golden rules:

1. A good presentation building process will always go through three stages - Planning, Design, and Training. 📊✏️🎤

2. Before planning the presentation, select a central topic from which you will derive three to four subtopics. 🎯

3. Identify carefully who your target audience is and their characteristics and adapt the presentation accordingly. 👥

4. Keep a clean, airy, and uniform design - today, using free design tools like CANVA and AI tools that help in building presentations - creating a clean, uniform, and template-based design is really a piece of cake. 🎨💼

5. Practice, practice, practice - alone, in front of the mirror, in the bath, in the car, in front of your spouse, parents, children, and even your dog🐶... Practice makes perfect, and until you practice out loud, you won't recognize or identify the obstacles in your speech that need preparation. 🗣️👂

Good Luck! 🌟

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