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How to spice up your posts?

Hungry? 🍽️

Well, food isn’t the topic of this post, but spicing up your posts certainly is.

One of the most common questions I get from clients is: how can we add a bit of interest and spice to primarily technical topics, and tell the same story again and again in a compelling way from a different angle? This is especially challenging in the global B2B world where the focus is often on technical products, machines, tools, or services, which might seem less thrilling.


So, what’s the secret? 🤫

There is no secret. Your readers are people just like you. They are looking for interest, novelty, variety, excitement, something to shake them out of their daily routine just like you. They would appreciate it if you touched, even slightly, on their aspirations, fears, dreams, hopes, and fantasies. They want to believe you can help them solve problems, gain vital information, be inspired, or act, but they need something that will make them stop and read.


Here are some key ideas I share with my clients that can also help you diversify the digital

marketingcontent you create online:

Personal Stories: 👫

Share stories and pictures from your personal life related to work, such as business trips, exhibitions, or meetings with clients. Personal stories create an emotional connection and humanize your brand.


Employee and Customer Success Stories: 🌟

Showcase stories of employees and customers who have overcome challenges and achieved success thanks to your product or service. This strengthens the organization's image and provides social proof of the product's value.


Photos and Videos: 🎥

Use high-quality images and short videos that catch attention and effectively convey the message. AI tools can help create interesting and precise graphics.


Connection to Relevant Events: 📅

Share content that refers to special events or current happenings related to your business. Explain how they are connected to your product or service.


Research Data and Statistics: 📊

Share research data and statistics that support the value of your product. Presenting numerical data adds credibility and improves audience trust in the product.


Innovation and Development Insights: 🛠️

Share behind-the-scenes looks at how your products are developed and improved. Discuss the challenges and solutions you’ve found.


Industry Trends and Insights: 🌐

Discuss current and future industry trends. Explain how your products or services align with these trends.


Professional Tips and Tricks: 💡

Offer practical advice and guides for effective use of your products. This adds immediate value to readers.


Humor and Interesting Stories: 😂

Use humor to lighten the tone of your posts. Share funny anecdotes or interesting facts related to your field.


In summary: 📌

Remember that your readers are looking for interest, novelty, and excitement even when the topic is technical. Maintain a balance between providing value and entertainment while keeping your brand identity and business goals in mind. Help people imagine themselves after using the product, the problems they will solve, and the benefits they will gain.


Too busy to reinvent the wheel each time? I'm here to help.

Contact me: 📞 ✉️ or call 📞972-54-4678710


Good luck! 🌟


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